Local June 1, 2015 | 12:46 pm

Former ruling party ally calls Dominican presidents, journalist ‘traitors’

Santo Domingo.- Former Ethics Commission director Marino V. (Vincho) Castillo on Monday railed against former president Leonel Fernandez and president Danilo Medina for their alleged betrayal of the Constitution and failure to embraced the ideology of Juan Bosch founder of the ruling PLD party.

He also railed against the pact signed by 35 members of the PLD’s top echelon, the Political Committee, calling it worse than the infamous agreement to ouster Bosch in 1963.

Castillo, in the traditional interview by Color Vision Channel 9 on Mondays, accused the media of selling out, practicing tabloid journalism.

He noted however that media mogul Jose Manuel (Pepin) Corripio isn’t a Dominican native and therefore cannot be labeled a traitor, but called journalist Juan Bolivar Diaz, a Corripio employee “the great architect of treason” who together with, Presidency chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo “answers to foreign powers.”

Castillo said he regrets the end of the political pact he signed with Bosch and in December 1993. “That person (Bosch) told me, ‘you’d better get ready to go to the funeral of the Republic’ and I responded ‘luckily I am not going to live to see it.”

The president of the conservative minority FNP party said his statement aims to respond to many loose tongues he affirms have referred to the FNP with contempt, inconsistency, ingratitude, without friendship, and lack of respect.

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