Local June 3, 2015 | 12:16 pm

Outcry forces jailing of powerful Dominican official’s nephew(Update)

Santiago.- Santiago Permanent Services judge Luis Nobel Gil on Wednesday set bond for Eduardo Miguel Villamán Fadul at RD$300,000.

FILE. Eduardo Miguel Villamán Fadul, the nephew of a powerful government official, was jailed Wednesday or orders from Santiago prosecutor Luisa Liranzo, after she interrogated him for several hours, one week after he assaulted and voiced vulgarities against two traffic (Amet) cops when stopped for running a red light.

Villamán, nephew of Interior and Police minister Ramon (Monchy) Fadul, arrived at 8:15am with his lawyers, and escorted in cuffs to a jail cell at the courthouse three hours later.

One of the traffic cops suffered a fracture in his left foot, when the accused drove away in his SUV.

The Santiago Office of the Prosecutor is expected to request Villaman’s arraignment in the next few hours.

The widespread outcry unleashed by the case forced the authorities to proceed against Villaman, after seeking to downplay the assault.

It was later learned that Villaman obtained favors such as a cheap government-built apartment and even a US$900.0 per month salary as an “official” in the Foreign Ministry, despite not exerting any function.

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