Local June 8, 2015 | 3:28 pm

Dominican president turned Congress into a cesspool: Rival

Santo Domingo.- Senior ruling party (PLD) leaders Cesar Pina and Rafael Alburquerque on Monday said they agree with an investigation into alleged bribes paid to lawmakers to pass the constitutional reform in Congress, as several deputies have revealed.

The allegations of bribes to lawmakers on Monday prompted opposition PRM party presidential candidate Luis Abinader to blame president Danilo Medina of turning Congress into a “cesspool.”

Pina and Alburquerque, members of the Political Committee – the PLD’s highest echelon- stressed that the prosecution must carry out its duty in the case.

"The Prosecutor General has the power to investigate in his hands, the probe corresponds to him," said Alburquerque, who was vice president from 2004 to 2008.

Pina, the President’s current Legal advisor, said the complaints should be investigated and if there was bribery those responsible should be punished.

They also said affirmed not being aware of an agreement between the PLD and opposition PRD to amend the Constitution, on which Albuquerque said he and former president Leonel Fernandez are “in limbo” over the alleged alliance.

Earlier the watchdog group Dominican Alliance Anticorruption -Adocco- filed a complaint at the Justice Ministry denouncing bribes to of lawmakers to approve the change to the Constitution allowing Medina’s reelection bid. Adocco also asked Medina to order an investigation.

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