Local June 10, 2015 | 12:11 pm

Senators, Customs chief butt heads over ‘sold’ law

Santo Domingo.- Ruling PLD party senators Reinaldo Pared and Charlie Mariotti asked justice minister Francisco Dominguez investigate Customs director Fernando Fernandez’s allegation of payoffs to legislator to pass the Customs law.

The lawmakers went to Dominguez’s office to deliver documents, and said they’re willing to waive their parliamentary immunity to cooperate with any investigation.

As announced last week, senators for the National District and Monte Plata arrived at the Justice Ministry 5pm Wednesday, accompanied by a lawyer and a group of supporters.

The documents cite an El Caribe newspaper report dated May 27, with Fernandez’s “irresponsible” allegation that Pared and Mariotti, “sold’ a bill to unnamed businesses (couriers) which ship goods ??to Dominican Republic.

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