Local June 11, 2015 | 1:19 pm

Dairies: Major supermarket chain smuggles, sells fake milk

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s milk dairies grouped in Aproleche on Thursday said they’ll submitted documents on the alleged smuggling of 43 tons of evaporated milk from Lithuania and sold by at supermarket chain.

Aproleche accused the chain Supermercados Ole, which published a denial of the alleged sale of bogus milk in local newspapers.

Aproleche president Eric Rivero said they’ll submit the documents at the Justice Ministry at 11pm and then at the Consumer Protection Agency (ProConsumidor).

He said a protest will be held 4pm outside the Ole supermarket in the Los Alcarrizos subdivision, as one of the businesses which allegedly sells the bogus milk.

During the weekend Aproleche’s president said local businesses smuggled 43 tons, or 4 million liters of evaporated milk, in alleged violation of all labeling norms.

He said the alleged milk worth RD$200 million and violates more than 15 legal requirements, smuggled by forging a health certificate for a German shepherd dog.

Olivero said the alleged smuggling jeopardizes Dominican dairies’ already dire situation as imports increase and rising sales of formulas marketed as milk.

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