Local June 12, 2015 | 8:26 am

Immigration readies 7 vcenters to repatriate illegal aliens

Santo Domingo.- Immigration Agency director Dario Paulino on Thursday revealed that his department will have seven reception centers to house the undocumented Haitians immigrants prior to repatriation.

He said the "welcome centers” are being equipped with all needed logistics to receive the foreigners with dignity. "But remember, they are in-transit shelters, we cannot hold any undocumented alien for more than 48 hours."

Interviewed on NCDN channel 37 Paulino said the country will immediately have centers in Haina, Pedernales, Jimaní, Elías Piña and Dajabón, with two to be built in Santiago and Higüey soon. "What we do (in the centers) is received Haitians, clear them, verify whether they have documents or not, and then prepare their transfer."

Together with local host Migration, Haiti is building other returnee shelters, where they will receive their nationals.

Trained staff

Around 2,000 police officers and military agents and 150 inspectors have been trained for the process thus far, the official said.

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