Local June 12, 2015 | 2:21 pm

Powerful union boss fears release of ‘head of hired killers’

Santo Domingo.- Powerful union boss and deputy Juan Hubieres on Friday said the release of a councilman from the town of Pedro Brand, being held in connection with several contract killings, forms part of the agreement between the ruling PLD and opposition PRD parties over a constitutional amendment and nationwide candidacies.

Hubieres, speaking before the National Assembly session which amended the Constitution, warned against the release of Pedro Brand (south) councilman Erickson de los Santos, who’s been in custody for nearly five months charged with heading a group of hired killers linked to at least 10 murders of bus drivers in a union turf war.

Last February National District Permanent Attention judge Suinda Brito ordered de los Santos to one year in pretrial detention.

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