Local June 15, 2015 | 3:16 pm

AES Dominicana; A whole week focused on S-A-F-E-T-Y

Santo Domingo.- Like every year AES Dominicana dedicated an entire week to highlight awareness and bolster the culture of safety as the first corporate value.

With the slogan "Connected. Everyone with safety" at work, at home and everywhere collaborators and their families move, entire days were devoted to analyzing best practices in the field, this time focused on citizen security staff, with José Luis Guerrero, president of TwoEnergySelfDefense, who addressed topics tactics of preventive defense and self defense, among others.

The activity forms part of AES Corporation’s global celebration, with an only promise of having a place free of incidents and accidents, involving the entire staff.

"For us the lives of our employees and their physical integrity comes first, we’re aware that each of us expects a healthy home and that’s why both insist on a lifestyle of safety," said AES Dominicana president Edwin De los Santos in his inaugural speech.

AES also set as goals: zero accidents including its employees, contractors and reducing fatalities in others; reporting incidents; reduction of the time lost though accidents, audits and correction of faults detected. “Everyone in the company is committed to proactive and preventive actions.”

The goals reached by AES Dominicana during 2014 led to AES Corporation global security’s top prize ‘Golden Hard Hat Award.’

"At AES Dominicana we’ve kept increasing safety standards year after year and an example is that the DPP power plant has lasted one decade without registering any accident or incident to regret, while AES Andres has had six years with this indicator. Itabo power plant has spent four years without accidents, all of which by assuming a rigorous plan of safe and proactive actions in its facilities," added De los Santos.

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