Local June 17, 2015 | 10:50 pm

Dominican Republic leader omits crisis with Haitian migrants(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic president Danilo Medina on Wednesday made no mention of a mounting crisis in his administration’s effort to provide documents to the hundreds thousands of Haitian immigrants.

Instead Medina dedicated the nearly half-hour televised speech to the nation to his legislation steamrolled through the Dominican Congress to pave the way for his second bid for the presidency, despite being quoted as saying that it was akin to “swallowing a putrid shark without even burping.”

Medina said if he receives strong support from the ruling party (PLD) and the majority of Dominicans, he will seek a second presidential term, but noted that he’ll make the announcement in due course.

He said his address sought mostly to announce his "redoubled willingness to continue fighting for more profound and positive changes for our country."

"We could have before us four more years, which would allow us to consolidate the educational change that is already underway, and ensure that it is irreversible," Medina said as background music accompanied the speech’s finale.

Statement by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

“I am extremely concerned about the potential forced deportation tonight of hundreds of thousands of people from the Dominican Republic, including many children.

I call on the Dominican government to respect basic rights guaranteed to all people, including Dominicans of Haitian descent, under international law. I also call on the government to prevent the inevitable mistakes, dangers and humiliation of forcibly removing people from their homes.

Among the people most affected by this action will be Haitians born in the Dominican Republic who are being unjustly stripped of their nationality and legal status, just because of their heritage.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that nationality is a basic right of all individuals. As the mayor of a proud city of immigrants, home of large Dominican and Haitian diasporas, we stand by international human rights, and hope to see a compassionate and humane resolution to this alarming situation.”

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