Local June 22, 2015 | 11:42 am

Dominican Army Col. nabbed in RD$1.4B+ Peravia bank fraud

Santo Domingo.- Justice Ministry investigators have arrested several suspects during raids conducted since 4am today Monday in various parts of the country, in connection with the Peravia bank fraud.

Among those arrested thus far figure Dominican Army Col. Jesus Acosta Florentino, and Jorge, Carlos and Yessenia Serret, María Luisa Guzmán, Yomalys Martínez Ventura and the attorney Nelson Cabral.

Prosecutors Milciades Guzman, Pedro Frias and Isidro Vasquez headed the raids, which come three months since the investigation into the fraud and embezzlement case was launched.

It is expected that in the coming hours other raids occur and requested coercive measures against those executives.

Peravia bank’s top executives however are still on the loose with an international arrest warrant pending, José Luis Santoro, Grabriel Jimenez Aray and Alex Santoro among them.

The Banks Superintendence recently filed charges at the National District Office of the Prosecutor against Peravia executive, of embezzling more than RS$1.4 billion.

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