Local June 24, 2015 | 5:02 pm

Dominican Republic players can rip blatant lies with baseball

Santo Domingo.- A deputy of the minority conservative party FNP on Wednesday called on Dominican players in Major League Baseball to promote ads to defend the country from the accusations of racism stemming from its immigration policy.

Among the ‘blatant’ lies voiced by personalities from the US and other countries figure that Dominican Republic is practicing “ethnic cleansing” and is building “concentration camps.”

Vinicio Castillo said baseball players "can do a spot together defending their country against the people from the United States and the world, rebuking that we are a racist or xenophobic country and stress the solidarity and generosity of our people toward the Haitians." .

The yet-to-start repatriation of foreigners after the government legalization program concluded has sparked fierce criticism from abroad, including suggested boycott of the country’s thriving tourism -a major source of jobs for Haitians- in retaliation for “deportations of Dominicans of Haitian descent.”

The lawmaker added that baseball players "would be the best way to reach hundreds of millions of citizens in the world with a valuable testimony at a time when the country most needs them."

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