Local June 26, 2015 | 1:02 pm

Customs, senators row reveals Dominican ruling party debacle

Santo Domingo.- Customs director Fernando Fernandez on Thursdaybacktracked his accusation on May 27 thatsenators Charlie Mariotti and Reinaldo Pared "offered, sold and bought theCustoms bill,".

"The undersigned declares that we consider the lawmakersCharlie Mariotti and Reinaldo Pared ethical citizens, with a political exerciseadhering to best practices and unable to sell a bill, let alone support itseventual approval by Congress in exchange for gifts or favors,” the officialsaid in a statement.

Fernandez goes on to say that if Pared and Mariottisupported the legislation, “They’ve done so for their personal beliefs, which theundersigned doesn’t share; but which respects that we live in a plural, openand democratic society, which requires tolerance and respect for others’opinions and the condition of both legislators.”

The row between the three members of the ruling PLD partyreveals the incongruence overwhelming the organization, which on August 16 will mark a total of 15 years in office.

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