Local July 1, 2015 | 8:25 am

Dominican society lives under ‘culture of deceit’

Santo Domingo.- The around 14,000 complaints which the consumer protection agency (Pro Consumidor) has received thus far this year from people who feel cheated when buying goods or services on Monday led its director to affirm that Dominican Republic lives under a “culture of deceit.”

While complaints have subsided , the demands haven’t.

Among the most frequent complaints figure damaged batteries, which have resurged two years after being at the center of scandal.

"In this country we live in a culture of deception, therefore consumer rights are violated in almost all areas," said Pro Consumidor director Altagracia Paulino, interviewed by the El Caribe media group.

As an example the official cited people’s daily complaints of feeling cheated with a battery, a house, a piece of land, a vehicle; bogus warranties, misleading ads and even hair products.

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