Local July 1, 2015 | 9:31 am

OAS to send mission, despite eroded credibility

Washington.- The Organization of American States (OAS) –whose recent and measures have dealt a hard blow to its credibility- will send a delegation to the Dominican Republic to look into the "worrisome" immigration backdrop of repatriated Haitians, its secretary general Luis Almagro announced Tuesday.

The OAS’s support for the invasion of foreign troops in 1965 last week prompted prominent newspaper El Dia editor-in-chief Rafael Molina Morillo to demand that it make a public apology to the Dominican people.

AFP reports that Almagro also urged countries to take advantage of immigrants’ contributions.

"The migration scenario is worrisome given that it registers a massive influx of people of Haiti from the Dominican Republic and the situation has deteriorated as the days pass," Almagro said during a meeting of the OAS Permanent Council.

He said an OAS mission will be sent to the Dominican Republic and asked Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries to join the efforts to seek solutions based on international law.

Dominican Republic has been subjected to searing attacks since 2013 when the Supreme Court ruled that "children born in the country of foreign parents in transit don’t acquire Dominican nationality," a decision retroactive to 1929, which allegedly created more than a quarter million stateless people, mainly offspring of Haitians.

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