Local July 1, 2015 | 12:41 pm

Only in this country: Fraud suspect dons wig to court, averts arrest

Santo Domingo.- In yet another incident “only in Dominican Republic,” a woman charged with defrauding the Education Ministry out of RD$47.0 million requested an injunction in a National District court Wednesday, but her attorney kept the police agents at bay to prevent her arrest.

Elcaribe.com.do reports that Reina Nuñez entered the 8th Criminal Chamber courtroom wearing a wig to avoid arrest and he filed for an injunction against prosecution.

Anti-money laundering prosecutor Germán Miranda said ??Nuñez sold to the Education Ministry a lot for RD$56.0 million, and paid 47.0 million, which in fact wasn’t hers.

The agents tried to apprehend Nuñez on a bench warrant prior to the start of the hearing, but her lawyer Candido Simon kept them at bay, and a shouting match ensue.

The police meanwhile remain outside the courtroom to proceed with the defendant’s arrest once the hearing concludes.

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