Local July 2, 2015 | 4:43 pm

Mystery surrounds find of woman’s charred remains

Santo Domingo.- Mystery surrounds the discovery of the burned body of a unidentified woman Thursday morning in an alley next to the busy intersection of Nuñez de Caceres and 27 de Febrero avenues.

Local media report that a night watchman found the body around 6am in an abandoned dwelling, behind the house said to belong to a former powerful general of the Balaguer era (1966 to 1978) and next to the Catholic Church’s ministry for healing, where exorcisms are allegedly performed.

The watchman said he noted something burning in front of the residence, went to the scene and found the body, reportedly beheaded prior to being torched.

Residents say thugs use the area where the body was found to hide after committing crimes.

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