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Brewster lauds American values in 4th of July fest

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James Brewster and his husband Bob Satawake celebrated the 238th anniversary of United States of America Independence, with a reception at his residence attended by political and business leaders, senior military officials, as well as diplomats and prelates.

"We’re gathered to celebrate the independence of the United States of America with all of you. On July 4, 1776, the 13 colonies announced their separation from Britain by adopting the Declaration of Independence,” Brewster said.

He said in addition to liberty the event also celebrates equality. “These are intrinsic parts of the American character, la American tradition of essential values that we are as one nation.”

For his part, Satawake welcomed and thanked the guests, embassy officials and Victor Erarte for designing an artful American flag for the event.


U.S. Embassy celebrates 239th anniversary of its independence

The United States Ambassador in Dominican Republic, James W. Brewster and his husband, Mr. Bob Satawake, hosted a reception at their residence commemorating the two hundred and thirty ninth anniversary of the United States independence.

Upon arrival, guests were received by Ambassador Brewster and Mr. Satawake. The celebration began with the American Flag presentation by the Marines Corps color guard, followed by the glorious notes of the national anthems of both countries. The Dominican anthem will be sing by Richard Muñoz, student of the National Conservatory of Music and the American anthem by Karen Fifield, U. S. Embassy officer.

During his opening remarks, Ambassador Brewster said: “In the past year our world has changed and in the most recent days my own country has changed and we consider those changes to be historic and for the better as we join many other nations in recognizing a more equal and united future.”

Guests were dazzled by the star-spangled decorations created by Dominican decorator and event planner ICC Dominicana. In keep with this year’s theme of Disco Fever, attendees were treated to a 70’s dance produced by Amaury Sanchez choreographed by Pablo Perez.

The reception was also attended by senior representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps accredited in the country; representatives of the Judicial and Legislative branches of the Armed Forces and the National Police. Also present were representatives from the business, cultural, academic and non-governmental sectors, among others.

To close the evening, guests enjoyed the traditional fireworks display in the Plaza de la Cultura.

Information on the 4th of July

July 4, 1776 marks the date when the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Since then, the date is commemorated as the United States Independence Day. Each year on this day, Americans enjoy fireworks, concerts and other festive activities. This date symbolizes progress and constant change in American culture. The Erie Canal, the Washington Monument, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (the first public works built in the country) all began construction on a July fourth.

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