Local July 3, 2015 | 8:22 am

Immigration chief apologizes to Human Rights Watch official for blunder

Santo Domingo.- Immigration director Ruben Dario Paulino on Friday apologized to Human Rights Watch coordinator José Miguel Vivanco, who was “mistakenly” detained prior to departure from Las Americas International Airport, where he lost his flight.

Paulino said there’s no travel impediment against Vivanco, mistaken by a woman "supervisor" for someone else with the same last name and the reason for his being retained

The official said however that Vivanco’s passport was returned minutes later and stressed that it was an regrettable situation. "I will publicly apologize. All the facilities he needs are being provided. There are Immigration personnel now helping with the transfer."

In a phone call to NCDN channel 37, Paulino added that “these types of cases often occur in Las Americas.”

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