Local July 4, 2015 | 9:49 am

Frente Amplio suggests to audit electoral roll and register Dominicans abroad

Santo Domingo.– The Frente Amplio called on all political parties and opposition movements to require the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to speed up the registration of Dominicans living abroad, in order to overcome the slowness of the process.

They explain that the electoral roll of 2012 had 328.605 Dominican citizens registeredabroad and to date there are only slightly more than 154.000, according to a recent statement by JCE president Roberto Rosario.

The list of voters abroad should reach at least between 7% and 8% compared to the national roll, that is from 492.800 to 563.440 voters, which shows that more than 400 thousand Dominicans do not have their new identity and electoral card (cedula) yet.

Two months ago Roberto Rosario pointed out that the old ID card "is long gone" and asked party leaders to refrain from seeking a vote with it.

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