Local July 11, 2015 | 12:19 am

Over 56,000 Haitians study at Dominican schools and universities

Santo Domingo.– Over 56,000 Haitian students receive classesin public and private schools in the Dominican Republic, many of them pursuingdifferent careers in Dominican universities. In the case of pre-universityeducation, the Education Ministry does not require them the birth certificate.

Just three months ago the ministry, through the CommunityParticipation Office, issued a circular letter to all regional, district and schooldirectors to allow unregistered studentsto attend classes.

In pre-university education there are about 44,000 studentsand more than 12,000 in universities. Of the more than 67,000 foreign studentsstudying in Dominican public and private pre-university schools, about 66% areHaitians, followed by Americans, Spaniards and Puerto Ricans.

According to the Planning Department of the Education Ministry,in the Dominican Republic there are students from over 25 countries studying inpublic, private and semi-official schools.

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