Local July 20, 2015 | 7:34 am

OAS chief explains gaffe, repeats call for Dominican Republic-Haiti talks

Santo Domingo.- Organization of American States (OAS) SecretaryGeneral Luis Almagro on Sunday reiterated his call for talks between Dominican Republic and Haiti on the migratory issue, but doubled back on hisgaffe that Hispaniola “is one country.”

The head of the OAS issued the statement the same day DominicanForeign minister Andrés Navarro announced his government’s position in a letterdelivered a letter to Dominican Republic’s delegation at OAS headquarters inWashington, addressed to the Dominican diplomat, in which he argues that “at notime has he stated the possibility of unifying Haiti and the DominicanRepublic. "

"That possibility never occurred to me. There can bea no more ridiculous concept or further from my thinking," Almagro said.

In his letter posted on the OAS website the Uruguayandiplomat stressed that his words were misinterpreted. "Just as I didn’tsay that an island should be only one country. Since it is clear from thetranscript, I noted a reality in fact; that the island of Hispaniola holds twocountries and it would be good that the two countries cooperate on such animportant issue…”

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