Local July 22, 2015 | 12:12 pm

Haiti PM ‘torturer’ moniker draws more Dominican fire

Santo Domingo.- The head of the minority FNP party anduntil recently director of the Government Ethics Commission on Wednesday railedagainst the "torturer" moniker Haiti prime minister Evans Paul gave theDominican Republic, in response the Foreign minister Andres Navarro’s request fora public apology by Port-au-Prince.

Marino V. Castillo, who also called on president DaniloMedina to defend the country against what he affirms is a Haitian offensive, isthe most recent of local personalities to demand a response for Paul’s ‘torturer’label.

"The Dominican government is obliged to defend DominicanRepublic’s honor, rejecting offenses pronounced by Haiti’s head of government.The Haitian government’s goal is to escalate and heathen the crisis between thetwo countries and turn the migration and repatriation issue into an internationalconflict, preventing the Dominican Republic from exercises its sovereign rightto repatriate illegal aliens in its territory," Castillo said.

Paul voiced the term "torturer" at a rally in streetsof Port-au-Prince to protest alleged mistreatment of their compatriots in theDominican Republic.

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