Local July 22, 2015 | 7:23 am

Haiti removes envoy in Dominican Republic as diplomatic crisis looms(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Haiti ambassador Daniel Supplice has been removed “permanently”from his post by the Haitian government, journalist Edit Febles afirmed Wednesdaymorning.

Speaking on Colorvision Channel 9, Febles said acommercial attaché will manage the Haiti embassy in Santo Domingo.

She said Supplice confirmed his removal by phone earlier Wednesday.

FILE Thegovernment of Haiti recalled its ambassador in Dominican Republic, DanielSupplice on Tuesday, former Haiti general consul Edwin Paraison confirmed last night.

Paraison tweeted that he spoke personally with Supplice,who told him that "not only was I called for a consultation but that it wasapparently a government decision to recall him to Haiti."

He said amid the crisis between the two countries over theDominican government’s immigration measures, it’s difficult to analyze thesituation in depth without some elements of information.

Paraison noted some Dominicans sectors want thegovernment to recall the Dominican ambassador in Haiti. "

In a phone Interview by Roberto Cavada on Telenoticias Channel11, the former consul said the fact that the ambassador has been recalled doesn’tmean diplomatic ties are broken.

He ruled out however that it’s a routine change by Port-au-Princebecause Supplice has held the post for less than six months.

Although Paraison stressed that there’s no severing ofrelations between the Hispaniola neighbors, called the situation an embarrassment,"to some extent, a diplomatic crisis between both parties."

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