Local July 22, 2015 | 8:33 am

‘You’re fired,’ employers threat to foreigners without papers

Santo Domingo.- Employersof Haitian workers “don’t want to have problems with Dominican authorities,"in the wake of the enforcement of the Dominican government’s push to legalize foreigners,who’ve been warned they would be fired" if they fail to obtain requireddocuments, EFE reports

On Tuesday Haitian immigrants crowded into the governmentoffice building in Santiago, looking for their Dominican residency card or makesure they’re on the list of those who applied.

But last week’s high number of Haiti nationals who wentto the offices that issue the document has fallen considerably, many of whom quoted by Efe blamed their failureto apply on "negligence" by Haitian diplomatic authorities to issuethe documents such as birth certificates the Dominican government requires fromapplicants.

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