Local July 23, 2015 | 4:38 pm

Commonwealth Roundtable to host panel on ‘Singapore’s economic miracle’

Santo Domingo.- The Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic, together with Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE will host the panel discussion on "Singapore’s economic miracle."

The roundtable discussion, slated for next Monday at 6pm in UNIBE’s main auditorium, aims to analyze how a small country, but strategically located in Asia, achieved an unrivaled economic development in less than 50 years.

In a statement, Roundtable president Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas said Singapore achieved its development through promoting education, foreign investment, international trade and where political transparency and meritocracy prevailed.

Prominent economists Dr. Andres (Andy) Dauhajre hijo and Juan Guiliani Cury will head the panel discussion moderated by Erik Federico Perez Vega, with conclusions by journalist Jorge Pineda.

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