Local July 23, 2015 | 10:54 am

Dominican senator paints flag on face to slam OAS chief

Santo Domingo.- Dominican ruling party (PLD) senator CharlieMariot went to Congress Wednesday with the Dominican flag painted on his face, toprotest the OAS secretary general’s statements many Dominicans consideredoffensive, EFE reports.

Among other assertions OAS secretary general Luis Almagroon Monday said Hispaniola "is an island. Generally when there’s an island therearen’t two countries…”

In a letter to Almagro released Wednesday, the MontePlata province lawmaker said "as a senator of the Dominican Republic I stateformally the bitter taste his appearance on CNN has left in us."

"Bitterness, disappointment, concern and indignationare the feelings that his flighty statements have left in a nation which gladlyopened its doors so that in a transparent manner, a commission of the entityyou lead, could see with their own eyes the development of the Migration RegularizationPlan of the Dominican Republic."

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