Local July 27, 2015 | 9:40 am

Some 230,000 illegal aliens won’t be soon: Official

Santo Domingo.-Around 230,000 undocumented aliens will have legalized their immigration statusin the country through the government program to regularize foreigners, accordingto the Police and Interior Ministry.

Immigration NationalityAffairs deputy minister Luis Fernandez said around 80% of those who applied forthe program will obtain a legal immigration status.

"We still haveto analyze a small amount (of cases) and don’t have an exact figure, but thevast majority of those 288 000 will have a legal status, some for one year andothers for two," Fernandez said. "I would say 80%, and it’s somethingthat I guesstimate, but we will have a specific number at the end of theprocess."

The deadline for theprogram, together with the evaluation of the files will be next Saturday August1, after which Interior and Police should respond to the foreigners who registered.

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