Local July 29, 2015 | 1:05 pm

Dominican Republic, Haiti must talk to quell immigrant row: OAS

Washington DC.- Organization of American States (OAS) secretary general Luis Almagro on Wednesday recommend that its Permanent Council encourage a dialogue between Dominican Republic and Haiti, as part of the report of the delegation that toured both countries to assess the situation of Haitian immigrants.

Almagro asked the national authorities and the international community to find a mechanism to help displaced people.

"The mission recommended facilitating a dialogue between the two countries, to allow the transfer of people particularly the most vulnerable,” between the two countries, Almagro said.

The mission´s report also acknowledged the Dominican government´s efforts in implementing its migration policy and recognized Dominican Republic´s right as a sovereign country to enforce it, but notes that any transfer of persons should be carried out according to international standards.

According to the report both Hispaniola neighbors are willing to resume, under certain conditions, the talks to settle migratory disputes in the short and long term.

The OAS report affirms that there are people at risk of not having any recognized nationality, while noting progress to identify those people on both sides of the border. “Although there´s a willingness by national authorities to apply guidelines, there are delays locally for technical or administrative reasons.”

“There are varying figures on the number of people who have crossed the border, however, it is difficult to confirm these figures at this time, at the time of the mission,” the OAS report says, based on the delegation´s visit fom July 9 to 14.

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