Local July 30, 2015 | 7:43 am

Dominican Republic: No talks until Haiti ´desists from discredit´

Santo Domingo.- TheOrganization of American States (OAS) on Wednesday recognized Dominican Republic’s sovereign right to enact itsimmigration policy and recommended talks with Haiti, facilitated by the agency,aimed at solving the immigration conflict which has distanced the Hispaniola neighbors.

Just hours after the reportwas released Dominican foreign minister Andres Navarro said it will not resumebilateral talks until Port-au-Prince “desists from its attitude of discredit”and that to reestablish diplomatic ties doesn’t require the OAS´ intervention.

In a mixed bag ofsuggestions and criticism the OAS released the report on the visit by its fact-findingmission in the two countries, whose details were read by OAS secretary generalLuis Almagro.

He said the OAS iswilling to help register undocumented people in Haiti, and asked Santo Domingo andPort-au-Prince and the international community to find ways to help displaced people,particularly the most vulnerable.

Almagro said the OASmission suggested establishing a “mechanism of understanding on internationalstandards, allowing the movement of people between the two countries.”

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