Local July 30, 2015 | 12:10 pm

Health law exclusion protest snarls traffic around National Palace

Santo Domingo.-Dozens of workers members of labor unions protest outside the National Palacein rebuke of the Law 123-15 that creates the National Health Service, which theysay excludes them.

The protest headed bythe workers unions CNUS, CASC, CNTD, and IDSS (nurses) has snarled traffic onseveral area streets in the, such as Doctor Delgado and March 30.

CNUS generalsecretary Pepe Rafael Abreu said theydon’t oppose the creation of that network,but that the government "clandestinely" left them out that when enforced,warned it will create complications.

He said the protestsare taking place simultaneously in 20 provinces.

Abreu said “majorinterests” in the health sector are behing the exclusion of the unions andmedical associations, which he says weren’tconsidered when the law was debated.

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