Local July 30, 2015 | 5:39 pm

Senior Colombia official´s secretary nabbed with US$1.0M upon arriving from Dominican Rep.: EFE

Santo Domingo.- Colombianpolice on Thursday arrested the secretary of a senior official of the AttorneyGeneral and four others allegedly linked to a smuggling network when theyentered the country with more than US$1.0 million hidden in her luggage, said officialsin Bogotá quoted by EFE.

Carmen Sofia Carreño,secretary of Attorney General Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) director JulianQuintana, was arrested in Bogota´s El Dorado International Airport in and withher a man who accompanied her and her daughter as they returned from DominicanRepublic.

Two other people werealso arrested in the operation according to the Presidency in Bogotá.

Colombian PresidentJuan Manuel Santos said US$1.08 million was seized from the travelers, addingthat two of the detainees belonged to the Administrative Security Department (DAS), an agency disbanded several years ago after an illegal wiretapping scandal.

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