Local August 4, 2015 | 3:20 pm

Envoy to Vatican says he´s no scofflaw; overseer says he is

Santo Domingo.- Dominicanambassador to the Vatican Victor Grimaldi on Tuesday asked Accounts Chamber presidentLicelott Marte for respect for being included in the list of government officialswho failed to file their financial statement.

But the AccountsChamber reiterated that Grimaldi is a scofflaw and denied any confusion as thediplomat claims, calling the incident "defamatory.”

Interviewed on Z101FMradio program Grimaldi said he sent a letter to Justice minister Francisco Dominguezwhich in addition to his financial statement, includes his affidavit, "whenI entered as Controller and when I left" the Santo Domingo Mortgage Registry."The only thing I want is respect for my dignity, it´s all I have."

Denies confusion

Today however the AccountsChamber denied that the inclusion of the envoy to the Vatican stems from confusion.

In a call to the sameprogram Chamber spokesperson Marielena Nuñez said it was Grimaldi who is confusedbecause an authorized official had informed why he figured on the list.

"Because hehimself filled the form through the National Automated System, but didn’t concludethe process established by Law 311-14 on Financial Assets which requires the physicalform, signed and notarized before a notary, accompanied by support documents ofthe assets declared," Nuñez said.

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