Local August 5, 2015 | 7:26 am

Antinarcotics chief wants strict rules to extradite Dominican drug lords

Santo Domingo.- The head of the antinarcotics agency (DNCD) onTuesday called to amend the law on drugsand money laundering to establish protocols between the parties, so the countrybenefits more from extradition treaties.

Julio Cesar Souffrontsaid with the current agreements with requesting countries, especially theUnited States, confessed drug traffickers and money launderers obtain light penalties,and can enjoy the properties seized without facing trial when they return tothe country.

The official cited asexamples Quirino Paulino and Yubel Enrique Méndez (Oreganito).

In those cases,Souffront proposes international cooperation to standardize protocols, with theparticipation of US authorities, the Justice Ministry and the DNCD, to require feedbackfrom the requesting country for proceedings in Dominican territory, so thekingpins can be prosecuted in the country after serving time abroad.

Drones to monitoroperations

Interviewed by ElCaribe media group, Souffront revealed that the DNCD is using two drones in some operations and hidden cameras in thehelmets and vests of the agents tomonitor the operations and the actions of its personnel.

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