Local August 6, 2015 | 4:45 pm

Ambassador cites ´confusion,´ defends Domnican envoy to the Vatican

Santo Domingo.- Dominican ambassador in Panama César Medina onThursday said the hostility he attributes to Accounts Chamber president LicelotMarte and Justice minister Francisco Dominguez in the handing of the filing offinancial statements has disgruntled the diplomats abroad

He said the twoofficials failed to take into account a number of administrative factors whichjustify the delay in submitting the financial statement, “which were notnegative.”

In his dailycolumn on listion.com.do, the diplomat and journalist said the allegation putshe and his colleagues under suspicion of violating the law. “Almost allambassadors and consuls, including me, are in that situation -with very fewexceptions, of whom Dominguez said he will subpoena to clarify that violationof the law.”

He said the allegedlyscofflaw ambassadors shouldn’t have been on the list because they submittedtheir statements on time. “One of them is (Envoy to the Vatican) VictorGrimaldi- but a Foreign Ministry Human Resources memo also caused confusion sinceit failed to make the clarifications.”

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