Local August 7, 2015 | 1:37 pm

Visa scandal shuts US Consulate in Dominican Republic: Report

Santo Domingo.- TV commentator Aridio Diaz on Friday said a major scandal linked to the issuing of visas for pay is the real reason behind the shuttering of the US Embassy’s Consular Section, and not its “update of its database” announced Thursday.

“There are FBI agents in the Dominican Republic and five consuls have been fired, Castillo said, adding that investigators uncovered that 68 visas had been issued on payoffs.

Speaking on the popular program El Show del Mediodia on ColorVision Channel 9, Castillo lauded the US Embassy staff for what he says was their quick reaction to the incident, which affirmed involves the alleged sale of the visas for as much as US$4,000 each.

“This is a delicate case that is taking place. The fact is that five consuls have been fired, including Dominicans,” he said. “The FBI is looking for those visas to chancel them.”

Numerous calls for a response to the U.S. Embassy on their posted number 809-567-7775 were answered only by recordings, likely due to the announced closing today Friday an next Monday.

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