Local August 10, 2015 | 11:25 am

Citizens: Check candidates´ pedigree, halt vulgar business

Santo Domingo.-Citizens with no political affiliation on Sunday held a rally to demand a haltto what they call past and present impunity, and called to check the"pedigree" of the candidates in the various elections before castingthe ballot.

"Let us buildour homeland, demand justice and eliminate the corrupt and choose well, for God´ssake!," said social activist Clarissa Gil, one of the movement´s founders,in the gathering at Independencia park.

She said the searchfor a promising future spurred them to stage the rally “financed exclusively”by citizens. "We repeat that because what the parties do with state funds isn’tknown, but we all know that that opacity has made a vulgar business for many ofthose who exercise politics, which is paid with the money of the people."

Source: listin.com.do

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