Local August 11, 2015 | 11:56 am

Bodyguard for senator in US$300M embezzlement case hits reporters

Santo Domingo.- One of senator Felix Bautista´s bodyguards punchedand pushed several people after the hearing Tuesday in which the prosecutionappealed his acquittal in the case he allegedly embezzled more than US$300.0million.

During the incidentthe bodyguard, yet to be identified- hit the cameraman with a strong punch tothe face while walking beside the lawmaker, charged with embezzling taxpayers moneywhile head of the State Engineers Supervisory Office (OISOE).

The bodyguard triedto shield Bautista from the press, which failed to get his response despite theirbarrage of questions.

While a mêlée ensuedamong journalists and other people leaving the hearing, the senator was whiskedaway from the chaos.

The Supreme Court set thenext hearing for September 22.

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