Local August 11, 2015 | 8:06 am

Haiti row spurs an unusual challenge to Dominican aid: CNN

Santo Domingo.- “The U.S. State Department’s position towardcontroversial citizenship and immigration laws in the Dominican Republic isbeing challenged by an unusual source: Hundreds of former Peace Corpsvolunteers who served there,” CNN reported on Monday, a development which willlikely spur a backlash by nationalist sectors.

It said around 560former Peace Corps volunteers and three former Peace Corps country directorswho worked in the Dominican Republic “are calling for the United States tosuspend funding to Dominican security forces accused of committing human rightsviolations against Dominicans of Haitian descent.”

“The letter toSecretary of State John Kerry documents abuses committed by some Dominicanforces related to the country’s revocation of citizenship of Dominicans born ofundocumented immigrants, and a simultaneous crackdown on illegal immigrationfrom Haiti,” the US outlet said, adding that the group considers it a "disregardfor international law by the Dominican government.”

CNN says the groupnotes the “violent track record of Dominican security forces” with citizens ofHaitian descent, while receiving funding and training from the United States.”

In their letter the groupnotes that the Dominican Armed Forces is getting ready to execute a “potentiallymassive campaign of rights-violating expulsions,” and the reason to request theUS´ suspension of military aid to the Dominican government.

“The Dominicangovernment…is cracking down on undocumented immigrants, the vast majority whocame from Haiti,” CNN reports, but doesn’t provide details.

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