Local August 11, 2015 | 10:57 am

Thugs are let loose too easily, Police Chief tells Chief Justice

Santo Domingo.- NationalPolice chief Nelson Peguero on Monday visited Supreme Court chief justice MarianoGerman to discuss mounting complaints thatcriminals are set free easily.

The police chief namedtwo weeks ago said he wants to join forces to keep offenders in jail and not inthe streets. "This visit is going in the same direction seekingunderstanding, seeking how among us, we all try to find ways so such incidents don’thappen and that criminals are where they belong, is prison."

Peguero cited thecase of the suspects in the Popular bank heist on Luperon Av., several of whichare repeat offenders and had cases pending in court.

He said it was abrief meeting in which German also expressed an interest to maintain the cultureof peace in the country.

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