Local August 12, 2015 | 11:54 am

Reporter who covers senator´s corruption case ´gets death threats´

Santo Domingo.- "I fear for my life, if something happens, anything, the DNI and the National Police should investigate the ex-wife of Felix Bautista," photographer and journalist Franklin Guerrero warned Wednesday morning, who said he´s been getting death threats and fears for his life.

Guerrero didn’t identify which of Bautista´s several former wives.

The journalist of the NCDN TV and radio network made the statement on the Channel 37 program, hosted by Elisa Mariot and Hugo Beras.

Guerrero, who also works with journalist Nuria Piera´s investigative program and on CDN´s Radio Equipo, has been covering the embezzlement case against Bautista and codefendants, whose lower-court acquittal was overturned Tuesday by the Supreme Court.

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