Local August 20, 2015 | 7:57 am

Dominican authorities shiel Haitians after death, reported rape

Montecristi,Dominican Republic. – The National Police and the Army on Wednesday kept agroup of Dominicans from continuing to expel undocumented Haitians living in Montecristiprovince (northwest border with Haiti), with one Haitian reportedly died.

Montecristi governorMarcelino Cordero called for calm in the town, after meeting with communityleaders together with Immigration Agency, Army and Police officials.

The action by residentsof the village Hatillo Palma came after reports spread that a 42 year-oldDominican woman had been physically and sexually assaulted early Wednesday bythree undocumented Haitians.

The woman, HatilloPalma´s chief accountant is being treated in a hospital at nearby VillaVasquez, local media report.

Hatillo Palma mayorJunior Fondeur told local media that residents don’t want the presence of undocumentedHaitians, adding that the victim herselfblamed three Haitians for the assault, and that’s why the townspeople "don’twant them there."

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