Local August 21, 2015 | 7:58 am

Deportations nonnegotiable, Dominican Republic tells Haiti

Santo Domingo.- Foreignminister Andrés Navarro on Thursday called deportations nonnegotiable and saidhe informed Haitian authorities and the international community that the country´srule of law guarantees that no Dominican will be expelled from their country.

"The DominicanGovernment reiterates that to reestablish a productive dialogue with theRepublic of Haiti for the bilateral management of development will require thatthat government ultimately and finally cease its allegations against theDominican Republic, we are asking greater responsibility on the part of thoseofficials, who are doing more damage to their own people with that kind ofattitude," the official said.

He said DominicanRepublic has assumed an attitude of tolerance and commitment to peacefulcoexistence and committed to the institutionalization of our country and theinternational community has witnessed what has been said over the problem is thetruth.

In response to statementby Haiti´s Foreign Affairs Ministry accusing Dominican authorities of havingstarted deportations without concluding an alleged negotiated protocol, Navarroreiterated Dominican Republic´s sovereign right to enforce its new immigrationpolicy with foreigners who didn’t register for its legalization program.

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