Local August 25, 2015 | 10:23 am

DNCD siezes cash and cocaine

Santo Domingo.- Members of the National DrugControl Department (DNCD)and the Prosecution Service confiscated 10 kg of cocaine, US$44,000 andRD$21,000 in separate raids across the Greater Santo Domingo area, resulting inthe arrests of two men.

According to apress release, the unnamed Venezuelan and Dominican were members oforganizations that engaged in asset laundering.

One pistol and two vehicles were also seized. Oneof the vehicles had a secret compartment for concealing narcotics, according tothe DNCD.

The Venezuelan was arrested during a raid onhis business in the Evaristo Morales neighborhood, where the dollars were found.

The 29-year old Dominican was found inpossession of ten packages of cocaine, a white Volvo car with a compartmentunder the back seat for hiding drugs, and a second car, a gray Honda Accord, duringa raid on his home in Villa Carmen, Santo Domingo East. The authorities confiscated a 9mm pistol and ammunition. They also found two passports, RD$14,000in cash, seven Ziploc-type bags, a scale and several receipts for remittances, amongothers.

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