Local August 25, 2015 | 6:27 am

Most police agents earn less than RD$11,000

Santo Domingo.- In a country where basic foodprices increase overnight and home rentals are sky-high, police agents have notreceived a salary raise for almost two years.

The last wage increase was announced in 2014, butprivates, who make up the majority of agents (11,696) only earn RD$7,000 permonth without the included deductions. Before this, they earned RD$6,117, meaningthat their last wage raise was barely worth 14.44%.

Corporals earn RD$8,000, sergeants RD$9,000 andsergeant majors RD$11,000.

These ranks total 25,593 agents, who represent 75% ofthe police force, which at present is made up of 33,000 people. In the lastwage increase the police chief’s salary went up to RD$81,785, a 10% increase.

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