Local August 26, 2015 | 7:23 am

Police get health insurance

SantoDomingo.- As of next month allmembers of the National Police will be affiliated to the Contributory Regimeand will receive health services covered by the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa),by paying only 3% of their salary.

At present only 3,000 of the 32,000 members of the NationalPolice have health coverage, so this will enable all of them to obtain thesebenefits from 6,000 health providers.

This will cost the government some RD$20 million per month for100% coverage of services, according to Health Minister Altagracia GuzmánMarcelino, who was speaking at a meeting with the press and citizens at theNational Palace, accompanied by SeNaSa executive director Chanel Rosa Chupanyand the director general of the National Health Service, Ramón Alvarado Mendoza.

Guzmán Marcelino said that the health system had made greatstrides, highlighting the addition of four million people to thecontributory regime and another 813,000 to the subsidized regime.

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