Local August 28, 2015 | 7:36 am

Nurses criticize law for excluding sector

Santo Domingo.- The National Health Alliance (Conasalud) expressed concern at the exclusion of nursing staff from the Ministry ofPublic Health (MSP) organigram, established by Law 123-15 that creates theNational Health Service. They are calling on Minister AltagraciaGuzmán Marcelino to provide an immediate explanation on where the sector fits into to the scheme.

Conasalud’s Antonia Rodríguez said thatthe nursing service could not manage itself without a regulatory body andwithout anyone to supervise the quality of services provided by nurses to thecitizens who visit the country’s hospitals.

“We believe that this exclusionsthreatens the development of our capacity to provide a quality service topatients who visit all the health centers,” she stated. She called on theminister to look into the matter.

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