Local August 28, 2015 | 8:58 am

Traders want market to go ahead despite tensions

Dajabón.- Dominican and Haitian tradersare hoping to hold the usual Friday bi-national market on this part of theborder between the two countries.

Haitian traders and union leaders havethreatened to block the bi-national market this Friday to demand that Dominicantransporters allow two containers or trucks laden with merchandise that theybought in Panama and Suriname to cross into Haiti. They have not been able toenter due to the ongoing 25-day strike by Dominican truckers, who are demandingthat the Haitian and Dominican authorities provide guarantees for truck driversgoing into Haiti as well as for the vehicles and the merchandise they arecarrying.

On Wednesday, the Haitian governmentincreased it spolice presence on the border bridge. Yesterday, Haitian CommunicationsMinister Francois Rothschild announced on several local radio stations inCap-Haitien, Fort Liberté and Ouanaminthe/Juana Méndez that this measure wastaken to protect the safety of the Haitians as well as the Dominicans who crossthe border on market days and all other times.

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