Local August 31, 2015 | 10:48 am

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Army graduates mountain management specialists

Constanza.- The Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Máximo Muñoz Delgado, headed a graduation ceremony forthe 63rd course for Mountainous Area Operations Experts.

Thenew graduates are from the Navy, the Air Force and the National Police.

Muñoz Delgado praised the trainingroutine conducted by the Armed Forces, describing it as strategic and well timed.

Meanwhile, Army general commander, MajorGeneral José Matos de la Cruz, stated that the members of the armed forces mustdisplay optimum levels of preparedness, military training and patrioticloyalty.

The graduates of this emblematictactical course received intensive training for 45 days. 6th Batallioncommander, Colonel Rodolfo Reynoso Green, highlighted the military disciplineand values.

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