Local August 31, 2015 | 10:08 am

Banco Popular guard’s killer shot dead by Police

Santo Domingo.- TheNational Police shot and killed Ezequiel Guzmán Brito who was on the run for his role in the killing of a security guard during an armedrobbery of a branch of the Banco Popular last month. According to a post in policespokesman General Máximo Báez Aybar’s Twitter account, the killing occurred Sunday duringan exchange of gunfire in an alleyway in the National District neighborhood of LosPraditos.

Báez Aybar informed that Police recovered “thepistol used in the confrontation with the members of the police who werepursuing him”. However, he did not provide additional details on the incident. Accordingto the police spokesman, Guzmán Brito fired the shot that killed the securitybank on 30 July 2015.

The body of the man who was also known as “Batatica”was taken for autopsy at the Forensic Science Institute at 3:30 in theafternoon. The alleged criminal’s relatives visited the institute but refusedto speak to reporters.

Police say that Guzmán Brito already had apolice record for four crimes committed since 2011, including armed robbery andmurder.

The 34-year old security guard, Sabino MéndezMartínez, was shot dead during the armed raid on the branch of the BancoPopular and the thieves got away with RD$1.8 million and US$2,276 in cash.

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