Local August 31, 2015 | 7:43 am

Erika’s gift to Santo Domingo

SantoDomingo.- The city is getting back to its normal routine after being under redalert last Friday due to the passage of tropical storm Erika. The Dominicanpublic has rarely wished for the weather forecast to be accurate, but Erika wasan exception, as it came at a time of extended drought and water rationing.

Thestorm did not cause significant damage and the rainfall ensured that thecapital’s water supplies were replenished, according to the director of theSanto Domingo Water and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), Alejandro Montás.

The Jigüey Dam levels rose to eight lineal meters and Valdesia to two.

Erikaalso spared the residents of the Ozama riverbank. Thevulnerable urban neighborhoods of LaBarquita, Los Minas and Sabana Perdida did not suffer any material orhuman losses. Many residents took shelter onhigher ground when the storm approached.

The municipal authorities and Public Works Ministry spent much of Sunday carrying out clean-up activities across the city.

The National Drinking Water and Sewerage Institute (Inapa) informed that 10% ofthe 315 aqueducts that come under its responsibility had been affected by the stormand that its technicians are hard at work mending the damage.

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